The 22 Man is a native Texan, born there, his kids were born there and he was married there, twice! Enough said.

Being blessed to have a “country boy” for a father I was taught what is called “preparedness” at an early age. This included food, shelter, fire, self and family protection all overshadowed by Biblical values.

Vehicle wrecks, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes mud slides are a few of the dangers everyone needs to be ready for. This includes you and for the flood of victims from the same events in different areas. Think of all the displaced Katrina people or all the Californians moving (due to retirement, floods, drought, fires et al) to free States and then trying to insert and mimic the oppression they left.

Let’s not forget about the rising tide of sectarian violence, roving gangs of youth with nothing to do, rioting, insurrection.

With that happy thought, I hope this site provides you with knowledge, understanding and wisdom in your everyday life.

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