Fobus G2 paddle holster

In 1998 or 99 when I purchased my first Glock pistol, I wanted / needed a holster. The Fobus was a brand I had seen marketed a lot and the fact that Israel used and made them was a key decision point in my purchase. With an un-tucked shirt, this holster kept my Glocks well concealed.

This review is on a Fobus Glock holster, it is lightweight (2oz.), low profile and right handed. It uses passive retention, that is no “locking system” and has steel rivets and comes with a lifetime warranty. Currently retailing from Fobus for $31.99

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Prepping tip by Ed Hultgren friend and guest writer

Shelter- We need shelter…period. Even though we all know that guy with the hairy back, We humans cannot maintain our delicate body heat without some kind of covering, beyond back hair.

We need to stay within a small margin of degrees to function. Normal is around 98.6 right? Some are a little cooler some a little warmer but it’s still a narrow margin. If our temp rises or falls more than 4 or 5 degrees, we’re in trouble.

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Appendix Carry Inside the Waist Band (IWB) kydex holster

It seems that lots of people are making “kydex” holsters these days. Late 2012 I was given one to review from a training academy I attend. Here is my take on this particular holster.

This is an IEB Appendix carry holster. The holster fits “across” the belt loops to assist in holding it in place, or you could just place it between loops, however that dramatically effects the draw and I do not recommend it.

Properly looped around the pants belt loop
Properly looped around the pants belt loop

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Improving yourself and life Part 3

In Part 1 I gave you one step to improve your life, reading.

In Part 2 we discussed Taking a Class, Researching things and Practicing what you have learned.

Today, let’s continue our growth.

5. Apply yourself. If you want the money to buy a new gizmo, or if you are tired of being broke, apply the previous recommendations. Make your own coffee and skip the Starbucks, bring a MRE and skip eating lunch out. Quit smoking.

Heck, get out the telescope and look at the stars. Admire them. That is part of applying yourself.

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Improving yourself and life, Part 2

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones once said that “You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things: the books you read and the people you meet.”

In Part 1 of this topic I discussed the need to read.  Let’s take a few moments to discuss meeting people through taking a class and practicing what you learn, both involve meeting people. We will through in a little research too. Continue reading Improving yourself and life, Part 2

We all need to improve and grow to live Part 1 – Reading

We all need to improve and grow. Whether it be for our careers, personal hobbies, family life or spiritual wellbeing.

Where do you need to grow? Do you need new skills for your job? New skills for the job you want? Reassurance in knowing how to protect your family (through technology, being prepared for a disaster, physically)? Beyond the firearm? Learning why leaders do what they do? Learning to be a leader, at home, in your Patriot Fire Team, with Cub Scouts or Girl scouts? To grow a garden? These are just a few reasons to improve, you each should have your own. Continue reading We all need to improve and grow to live Part 1 – Reading

SWAT-T Tourniquet

This is a reprint of an article I wrote for, slightly edited for this reader group.

We all know that bad things can happen, fast! There could be a shooting during a home invasion or a car wreck or little Boy Blue could fall out of a tree, or any of a number of different injuries that occur to you or in front of you. Regardless a proper first aid kit is needed. This article and any follow-up are not intended to replace training. There are many classes and ways to learn about first aid and especially first aid for puncture wounds (gun shots, knife stabs, and sticks going through a person). Some classes cost, some are free, it is my suggestion that you take every class you can as often as you can. After reading my articles on CERT and Citizens Corps, you probably noticed that I mentioned ways and places to learn first aid in them. Continue reading SWAT-T Tourniquet