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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for disaster survival

How to come up with your list if needed items for an “event”.

Hopefully you know what Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is, if not, here is a link to a great article that goes through it

What I want you to consider is using that hierarchy in your preparing for a disaster. Whether you are preparing to bug out for a hurricane, forest fire, TEOTWAWKI or staying locked down due to an ice storm or riots in the street, using the principles presented by Maslow, you can pretty well be sure you get what you really need and don’t stock up on what does not matter to you or your family. Continue reading Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for disaster survival

Batteries fail, even when just sitting on the shelf

Batteries do fail, leak and explode.

Over the years I have stashed away different useful items. Some may call it prepping, others a survivalist attitude, I consider having something when you need it.

I have suggested keeping batteries for trading , in your BOB, and of course as an item for emergency needs.

Even in date batteries can fail

Continue reading Batteries fail, even when just sitting on the shelf

Batteries for emergency gear

I had just finished 24 hours of Wide Area Search training in the fall of 2014. With all the takeaways, there is one I want to pass on to everyone.

If you are a “prepper”, “survivalist”, Boy Scout or educated person, you will have some supplies stocked up in case of emergency. Volcano, Tornado, Hurricane, wild fire… all create the need for stuff. Some of that stuff should consist of several different flashlights and types (hand held, table top, 90 degree necks, hat mounted and “miner’s” style as well as emergency / weather radios, communications (FRS radios and handheld CB and handheld HAM). Continue reading Batteries for emergency gear

your guide to Every Day Carry, Bail out Bag and CERT packs – Part 1

Out on the web you can find all types of advice on “survival”, “Prepping”, or plain old preparedness. Whose advice you should take is up to you.

If you want to learn or take my 2 cents, here it is.

First let’s start with defining the different types of bags. These are my definitions and yours and others may vary, for me each has a very specific reason for existence. Continue reading your guide to Every Day Carry, Bail out Bag and CERT packs – Part 1

Be a “Good Witness” or a Victor the choice is yours

I was and have been told all my life some lies that have been exposed in the last 20 years. Yet, as most opinions that are stated over and over, they have become false facts.

For years the gun shop talk said, “get a shotgun and if you hear an intruder, rack the slide, the invader will poop their pants and run away” and “give the little lady a light weight revolver, that way she doesn’t need to worry about controls on a semi-auto”.

recoil Continue reading Be a “Good Witness” or a Victor the choice is yours

Barter items – in case your world goes to heck

In past articles I have spoken of a few way to prepare for disasters of any sort. The food shortages in Venezuela should be a reminder of that. It should also remind you, no matter how much gold, silver or bullets you have, if there are no beans, you can’t buy or trade for them.

This article is based on the presumption you have stockpiled a minimum of supplies and needs for yourself and your family. Only after you have done that should you begin your barter pile (unless you buy both at the same time like a 2 pack of aspirin). Continue reading Barter items – in case your world goes to heck

Nonfood stock up items

In the past I have written articles about being prepared for hurricanes, ice storms, tornados, riots et al.
The easy way to have additional food.
Batteries for Emergency Gear
Physical Security – Your home
Physical Security – Firearms
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Let’s start with something very important, if you are or have females, don’t forget feminine hygiene! I suggest two to three months’ supply in the long run. By buying one month’s supply every two weeks, in just nine weeks you will have covered your use and have the extra. If that is too hard on the budget, try getting 1 ½ what you need. Continue reading Nonfood stock up items

Prepping / Emergency food

I have been working on this article for about two years, it was just not ready to be published, then this week Price Cutter had canned veggies for 29 cents a can. Harter House used to weekly have them for 39 cents, now I noticed they are up to 49 cents. With that in mind, here are my ideas on stocking up on food, the EASY and INEXPENSIVE way to do it.

After all who wants to eat green cookies?
After all who wants to eat green cookies?

There are more than a few articles about food for long and mid-term. Some say to buy it all at once, others give a list of what to buy every week. Many are based on ‘dry’ goods (beans and rice) only or refer you to MRE’s or premade freeze dried foods. While all these are ‘good’ articles you should get food you will actually and ‘normally’ eat as a part of the solution. Continue reading Prepping / Emergency food